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Mason Taylor
I visited your castle
Comment from : Mason Taylor

Jamie Clark
Hi Boozy enjoy your videos I have troubles understanding them and I think I have done my castle wrong anyway you can check it for me and let me know this point of time after seeing what you have talked and shown i feel like leaving the game thx
Comment from : Jamie Clark

Katherine Cross
Great video! when looking at your clan, it shows 3 columns. 2nd is glory, 3rd is pvp trophys….whats the 1st column mean?
Comment from : Katherine Cross

Shawn Weekend Warrior
Love the vids...I've based my game on your advice I'm at TR6 got my 5* breeding going on almost got a full 5* castle. I have 8 5* lv40 Warriors. Almost upgrade and researched everything I can at my current level. When is the time to upgrade the TR? Also where can I find a good clan?
Comment from : Shawn Weekend Warrior

christianlester rivera
Any tip to get a better item becauss my inventory is junk and better squad
Comment from : christianlester rivera

Jennifer Russell-Sawyer
Thanks for the tips. I started playing this week. Now it makes a lot more sense.
Comment from : Jennifer Russell-Sawyer

Ruben Kroenke
So if your leader decides to keep the loot himself or give it to his friends your boned...
Comment from : Ruben Kroenke

Ney de Guzman
how does clan war matchmaking work?
Comment from : Ney de Guzman

kobra ibo
Abi benim klanima gel adı komando tim
Comment from : kobra ibo

The Noob Gamer
What i understand by this is that i fucked up by breaking every set of armor except 1
Comment from : The Noob Gamer

Dark Master
Thank you and God bless you sir for explaining all this things to us players ! More power.
Comment from : Dark Master

Almos Szedlak
This video helped me so much
Comment from : Almos Szedlak

Christian Clay
Can we get a video on choosing gear and artifacts, what to look for, what combination of type of styles to send to battle, like Archer,tank tank mage or any combination.
Comment from : Christian Clay

petur dahl wardum
But i reached my glory star all the way, and i asked him to send me something from the chest, but he couldn't do that, can somebody explain that?
Comment from : petur dahl wardum

Thank you for this! It was a TREMENDOUS help and explains why it's so important not to upgrade your throne room beyond TR7 or TR8 before you're ready or ever really if you choose not to. I wasn't understanding why so many clans were turning me away but now I understand why. I wish I had seen this tutorial before I upgraded mine to TR9 😫😫😫. Noob mistake, lol. But it's ok. I'll learn as I scramble to get my Squad Power up to par with others on the same throne room level. Thanks again!
Comment from : honeybunni

You've helped me a lot in with these videos (newb here), thank you very much, very cool. Subbed
Comment from : Highborn

kirby march barcena
I haven't join any clans yet. As such, I have no idea about the benefits and importance of joining any clans. Thanks for your help!
Comment from : kirby march barcena

1000 subs with no videos?
Thanks this is the only hustle castle channel that helps my gameplay a lot! Keep up the great content
Comment from : 1000 subs with no videos?

String Cheese and Applesauce
I am in Central time zone and the war deployment starts at 7 and 1
Comment from : String Cheese and Applesauce

petur dahl wardum
thank you very much, this video helps me very much to come along the clan wars!
Comment from : petur dahl wardum

Erik Barrera
Do u know how the wars are matched up? Is it by trophies or war badges? Also, I would like to know what benefits u get from having 5 troops at 85 and 1 at 100.
Comment from : Erik Barrera

Grant Middleton
Comment from : Grant Middleton

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